aluminium pipe, artificial grass mats, artificial plant parts, bells, bottle of lemon concentrate, brass pipes, bungee cord, cable ties, caleidoscopic lens, candle holder parts, chains, christmas decorations, clamps, colour-foil, crystal chandelier parts, driveway marker, dyed silicone, electrical wires, electronical connector, emergency blanket, extension cords, fans, fasteners, fibres from retro UFO light, fishing line reel, fluorescent light fixtures, foil fringe, fruit & vegetable mesh bags, glass sheet, headphone wire, hooks, keyring holders, lamps, landscape wallpapers, loupe, metal base, mirrors, necklace parts, overhead projector, packaging material, paperclips, plastic bags, plumbing pipe, reflective tape, sleeping mat, standard lamp, stones, stool, squashed Saskia water bottle, sunglasses, tape measures, tent poles, tubing, UV-string and wire

(HD-video, 05:13 min, 2017, sound)
television, media player

Demolition party
Group exhibition held at building that was ordered to be demolished
Vapaudenkatu 8 / Jyväskylä / FI