plaster casts taken from snow, trestle legs, mirrors, polystyrene sheets, led lights covered with colour-foil, cable ties, extension cords

car cover, eyelets, Arctic white Wunder-Baum, hanging plant brackets, led light covered with colour-foil

(HD-video, 05:13 min, 2017, sound)
altered TV, glass sheet, extension cord, cable ties, artificial grass mat, dyed silicone

(HD-video, 07:19 min, 2017)
glued polystyrene sheets, projector, branches with artificial snow spray, artificial grass mats, car and door mats, glass sheet

tree branch, inkjet prints, eyelets, decorative chains, cable ties, foldback clips, camouflage print car cover, pedestal, glass sheet, polypropylene string, activated hunting camera

Kankaanpää Art School grant exhibition
The Gallery of Kankaanpää Art School / Kankaanpää / FI