Temporal entity
B-galleria / Turku / FI

Events of the past months have accumulated into gray sediment of time; a meaningful layerings of materials forgotten and lost, ended up unwanted. For us, as a mute remnant of experiences, it is, in all its unnoticeability, a rather vibrant pile connecting anonymous objects and beings, some unknowingly.

And so has the lost light hid in its fixtures the memory it once had seen; mapped the encounters and put them quietly together. There are the early autumn marks collected during an evening walk, that barely fitted into trouser pockets. Now a souvenir in a shoebox. And the exploration made into an unknown moment, which, in a way, started everything again from the beginning.

List of materials used:

Aloe Vera King Drink
Bacardi Breezer
Bird pelvis
Cardboard boxes
Dremel Moto-Tool with storage case
Dypsis lutescens with two earrings placed in front of a radiator
Engine oil canister
Electric battery
Eyeglasses case with various sunglass lenses
Feathers collected from different cities wrapped in plastic packaging and placed into a glass vase
Gallery spotlights and light fixtures removed and placed on the floor
Handbag with flower embroidery
Housefly (living)
Insect repellent
Insects inside the light fixtures
Koskenkorva Village Tea
Lichen stuffed between radiator columns
Loose fill polystyrene packaging chips
Motor oil inside Dalwhinnie Single Malt Whisky bottle placed under the radiator
Nyctereutes procyonoides and amethyst
Paper clip
Perfumes absorbed into gallery walls
Plastic bag with black and white cable ties and a magpie feather
Plastic cup
Safety pin
Shoebox containing stones that were collected into trouser pockets during an evening walk according to the colour of the sky
Shopping bag containing pine needles collected from a city centre and a piece of flat cable
Shopping list
Sleeping bag
Tote bag
Two glass bottles filled with tap water placed mouth to mouth
Used dust bags (1 from the gallery and 1 from the studio)
Waiting room chair that warms to human body temperature at regular intervals
Wristwatches attached to gallery doorhandle