pine bark, cellular plastic, rebar, steel, wire

The Observation Tree
w/ the assistance of Aoi Sato, Diana Rogagels, Júlia Kovács, Terhi Eskelinen, Tuure Korkeaoja

Käsitekesä / Korkeaoja, Kokemäki / FI

The alienation of humans from nature. Nature's healing effects. Justification of art by its way to enhance well-being. The view of humans as ecosystems/ treelike symbiotic creatures. Questions concerning ownership. How to get the tree experience? What is the work of a forest and how to realize one’s kinship with a tree? The Observation Tree was built with these aspects in mind.

Like other trees in the forest with their underground social network this tree is also, in its own way, a communal creature. Its structure, made out of bark, gathered multiple trees into one big meeting. During the exhibition visitor could go inside the work and do a meditation session trying to become a tree.